This site will document research conducted on digital-to-analog television converter boxes (a.k.a. television tuners) by Jason Bernagozzi, Assistant Professor in the Department of Digital Media and Animation at Alfred State College, and Eric Souther, Assistant Professor of New Media in the Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts at University of Indiana, South Bend, and Laura McGough, media arts curator and PhD candidate in the Department of Media Study at SUNY University at Buffalo.

Through our research we propose to explore TV tuners as sites for intervention with the broadcast image. We are working to reanimate these boxes as artistic tools that can be used for exhibition or performance, both on their own or in combination with other systems (i.e., software, apps, image processing machines).

Research Questions:

– Is it possible to develop a protocol for serial communication between a CPU and an mpeg decoder chip to formalize signal modulation and distortion as a digital instrument?

– What happens when you use analog electronic components to modulate digital packets being received by an antenna before they can be unpacked by a CPU within a digital TV conversion tuner?

– How does spectatorial reception and artistic creation shift as you render the televisual broadcast signal visible and distort it in real-time?

Funding for this project was provided by the Digital Studies Center at Rutgers University, Camden. Final research will be presented at the DSC’s R-CADE Symposia in April 2017.